i2tv is a model for an electronic arena that explores a new form of live artistic production integrating on-line participants with participants at a real physical location. The participants take part in a networked real-time performance for a live Virtual Studio production, from a home PC, an Internet cafe, or as digital nomads with cell phones and palmtops.

Interactive Internet television combines the passive broadcast model with participatory models of networked environments and different interface devices. The system's multi-layered architecture integrates technology for networked shared spaces with audio and video streaming, virtual environments and digital television. The audience on-site and viewers on-line can also make annotations to the live video stream, using their cell phone, palmtop or home PC. They assume the role of a commentator.

MARS Group at GMD Bonn

i2TV (1999)
Concept: Monika Fleischmann, Jasminko Novak, Wolfgang Strauss
Realisation: asminko Novak, Predrag Peranovic
Field tests: emoria Futura, Köln/St. Augustin '99; AF '00, Osnabrück