eRENA Partners
BT - EPFL - GMD - Illuminations - KTH - MIRALab - Nottingham - ZKM



BT Adastral Park
Adastral Park is located in Suffolk, England and is British Telecom's core research and development facility. A key focus of its research within eRENA has involved the exploration of large-scale shared spaces, including graphical multi-user real-time networked environments and simulations of group communication in shared spaces.
Jason Morphett


EPFL - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
The Computer Graphics Lab (LIG) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne was created in July 1988 by its director, Professor Daniel Thalmann. Research at the LIG is oriented towards populated virtual worlds with an emphasis on the simulation of virtual humans. LIG is a world leader in research in behavioral animation and simulation of crowds.
Prof. Daniel Thalmann

The University of Nottingham
The Mixed Reality Laboratory at the The University of Nottingham is internationally recognised for its pioneering work on collaborative virtual environments and mixed reality. Specific areas of research include: models of spatial interaction in CVEs; scaleable systems architectures for CVEs; mixed reality boundaries between real and virtual worlds; and production technologies for on-line performances in CVEs.
Prof. Steve Benford

GMD - National Research Center for Information Technology
The MARS group (Media Art & Research Studies) at the Institute of Media Communication is part of the GMD - National Research Center for Information Technology. MARS group's research and artistic experiments are focused on digital representation and social interaction in mixed reality and shared virtual environments.
Monika Fleischmann

KTH - The Royal Institute of Technology
CID, the Centre for user-oriented IT Design at KTH, is an interdisciplinary research laboratory with competence in computing science, psychology, sociology, pedagogy, graphic design, music and dramaturgy. Theain research areas are digital worlds on the net, interactive learning environments, the forms and expressions of interaction and co-operative design.
Prof. Yngve Sundblad

MIRALab - University of Geneva
The MIRALab is part of the Research Center of Computer Science (CUI) of the University of Geneva. MIRALab was created by Professor Nadia Magnenat Thalmann in 1988 and iscomposed of about 30 PhD students and researchers working in the field of virtual humans and computer animation. The general research topics addressed include physics-based models such as the simulation of clothes, medical human simulation and virtual cultural heritage.
Prof. Nadia Magnenat Thalmann

The Illuminations Group comprises three well-established independent production companies which produce distinctive and contemporary television, films and convergent media. Illuminations' television work has been screened by broadcasters in more than 25 countries and the company is recognised as a pioneer in the techniques of Inhabited Television.
John Wyver

ZKM - Center for Art and Media
The ZKM is a unique international center of research, production and presentation of artistic achievements in the field of the new media technologies. Opened in 1997, it is a public foundation that includes an Institute for Visual Media. Here, artists and scientists work together exploring the artistic, social and commercial potentials within the emergent technological domain of visualization, interaction, networked and embedded systems.
Prof. Jeffrey Shaw