The MARS Bag is a prototype for wearable mobile interaction and communication. Carried like handbags, MARS bags recognise both the movements of the wearer and those of people nearby. They translate the movements into sound.

The principle of the motion sensing system used is that of the Theremin, an electronic instrument built in the 1920s. The Electronic Field Sensor (EFS), on which the MARS Bag's interface is based, is a modern digital version of the Theremin. The EFS permits navigation in virtual space with simple and immediately understandable hand gestures.

The advantage of electronic field sensing is its independence of object surface texture, light conditions and other factors that limit video tracking. Moreover, electric field sensors are cheap. These factors make electric field sensing a promising solution for navigation and interaction in virtual environments.

MARS Group at GMD Bonn

MARS Bags (1998)
Concept: Monika Fleischmann
Realisation: Bjoern Schülke
Events: KOMED Köln 8/98; Wiretap 5.04 in V2 Organisatie Rotterdam 5/99